HireRight Hot Takes: Three Key Takeaways from UKG Connections

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To provide employers with more options and a better way of managing their employee screening programs, HireRight partners with the industry’s leading Human Resources (HR) services and Applicant Tracking (ATS) providers to deliver workforce solutions for our shared customers. Recently, we had the opportunity to attend UKG Connections – an annual user conference held by one of those partners, Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), from April 21-22, 2021.

HireRight has partnered with UKG since 2014, with more 500 joint clients using our integrated platform. This partnership enables employers to reduce hiring times, streamline hiring workflows, and provide applications for a modern digital candidate experience. Like many of the partner events that we attend, UKG Connections was a critical opportunity for us to connect with our shared clients, better understand any issues they are facing, and offering a path forward with solutions.  

Here’s a look at our three key takeaways from the event.

1. Virtual Doesn’t Mean “Less”

HireRight was excited to be a part of the conference this year as a gold sponsor and host a virtual booth, where we had the opportunity to connect one-on-one with UKG clients. Although this year’s UKG Connections conference was virtual, attendees were still eager to use this experience to enhance their product knowledge, use of the platform, and gain new industry insights and expertise. 

The last Connections event was a live conference in 2020, taking place only about one week prior to businesses beginning to shut down due to the pandemic. Following that event, Kronos and Ultimate Software merged to become UKG – the Ultimate Kronos Group.

We all know that successful virtual conferences are a little bit of both an art and a science – a delicate interplay of technical execution, compelling content, and scheduled opportunities for authentic personal interaction. This conference featured speakers and sessions that addressed industry trends, while still providing best-in-class product training.

2.  The Future of Work

We know that the past year has changed the landscape of human resources, and talent acquisition as we know it.  UKG Vice President of Products and Innovation Cecile Alper-Leroux spoke about how the implications for the future of HR are very real, with new roles such as Chief Remote Officer implying that remote and hybrid workforces are here to stay.

Life and work are in many ways inseparable, in what she refers to as “Life-Work.” Alper-Leroux encouraged employers to anticipate the needs of employees and change interactions with those employees depending on where they are in their Life-Work journey. UKG is developing Life-Work technology solutions – including new advancements in scheduling, career development, payroll, communications, and interactions with candidates and new hires – to help keep current employees content, while meeting the goals for teams hiring new talent.

During the conference, UKG delivered a full agenda, showcasing these technologies and how they can help move companies along into the future of work. But they also highlighted the important connection between a strong people strategy and a company’s overall success.

Learn more about the Future of Talent Acquisition in our 2020 Global Benchmark Report

The pandemic has shown us that HR is a core foundation for any business, and that people are central to the organization’s stability, as well as growth. Throughout the conference, a topic that resonated with the HireRight team was around candidate cultivation, solutions designed to help recruiters build meaningful connections with key candidates. Utilizing in-platform solutions recruiters can set up repeatable campaigns, easily schedule interviews and events, and even use text messaging technologies. These solutions can foster and nurture these connections into engaging relationships to turn those key candidates into engaged employees. 


3. The Importance of Connections

The prevailing theme for the conference should come as no surprise given its name: connections. We saw those connections play out on two levels: the connections between the HireRight team and event attendees, and the connections those attendees aspire to create for their candidates and employees.  

Within our booth, we had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with both current customers and those still getting to know HireRight. We consistently fielded questions on two different topics:  First, regarding how HireRight screening technologies integrate across existing technology systems, and second, our global capabilities through integration with UKG.

Here at HireRight, we realize that employee connections start with your candidates, as part of the process of acquiring top talent. We know how essential it is to find the right candidates, take them through the hiring process and provide screening services — and that process can be more complicated by doing so in a remote or hybrid environment. It is key to have a workforce management system that can seamlessly integrate all of these functions. We are happy to say that HireRight’s single global platform provides employers to conduct background checks in over 200 countries and territories all thorough a single integration with UKG Pro Recruiting.  

UKG Connections was undoubtedly different this year than last, as the conference moved to a virtual format. However, we enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many attendees around industry trends and the future of work. Learn more about the conference, and Life-Work Technologies on the UKG’s blog. We’ll see you again, live and in-person at UKG Connections in December in Las Vegas!

For more information on UKG + HireRight and the modern digital candidate experience, visit our UKG Partner Page.

Tyra Malone

Tyra Malone

Tyra Malone, Director of Strategic Alliances, joined HireRight in 2013. Tyra has been engaged in building and growing channel partnerships globally in the technology industry for over 20 years. Driving strategic initiatives, marketing, and readiness plans for partners to win new customers and expand services is a longstanding passion. Outside of the office spending time with family is her number one priority. Tyra has also served as an active volunteer in a private Montessori School, a public Elementary School, and other organizations in her community.

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