How to Take Advantage of Mobile for Recruiting

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By: Alexa Lemzy

With 45 percent of candidates taking advantage of a mobile device to apply for a job, it’s no wonder businesses are upping their mobile game when it comes to recruitment.

By taking advantage of mobile’s numerous advantages, recruiters can both enhance the candidate experience with their company and make the hiring process more convenient for themselves. Recruiting apps give them easy access to candidate information on the device that they’re also most likely to have handy, allowing recruiters to review and respond to applications while they’re away from their computers.

Apps can also guide recruiters through the hiring process, making it easier for them to focus on analyzing a candidate’s fit, rather than having to coordinate the small details of the hiring process.

Here are some ways that mobile can jumpstart the recruiting process:

Reaching Candidates Easier, Faster and More Discretely

Mobile recruiting can make the entire application process easier for candidates. For example, did you know that over half (51 percent) of people who currently hold a job are seeking new employment or are available to consider offers from other companies?

Since so many job-seekers are looking for jobs while they’re already employed, using their mobile is the most discreet way for them to research and apply as well as respond to messages from recruiters. If recruiters are doing it right, the application process on mobile is also a quicker, simplified version, making the entire experience less time-consuming and encouraging fast responses.

Through mobile, candidates can cast a wider net and apply to more jobs, increasing their chances of landing their dream job. Having more choices and faster responses are great benefits to job-seekers.

How Are Different Industries Improving Their Candidate Experience?

Understanding Mobile and the Challenge of Improving the Candidate Experience

If 60 percent of applicants abandon the application process because it was too long, imagine how much higher this statistic is on mobile. Candidates have more options these days than ever, so the challenge is with the company to understand the candidate journey and create an application process that a candidate can actually get through.

Mobile recruitment sites should reflect the needs of the mobile applicant who is pecking out information rather than sitting at the convenience of a keyboard. Shorter forms, autofill-enabled fields and drop-down menus can all make the experience easier on the applicant.

Apps and text can be used to keep candidates updated about their status and allow candidates to have convenient and quick access to recruiting agents so they can get their questions answered. Live help available on mobile helps candidates navigate the application process successfully at the time that’s most convenient to them, allowing them to apply for jobs on the go.

How Mobile Can Help Recruiters Produce Better Results

Recruiting apps are the new essential tool for HR. Some apps feature shareable scorecards of applicants’ pros and cons that recruiters can share with colleagues while others feature a star rating system so top candidates can easily be identified.

With social recruiting playing a big role these days, some tools allow recruiters to search social networks by job title to zero in on the candidate pool. Other apps streamline the background check process to make it more transparent to applicants.

The automation takes the onus off the recruiter to schedule interviews, confirm background checks and keep track of candidates, allowing them to aim their focus on analyzing candidate information and interview responses. This can take some of the load off of the recruiter and may essentially lead to better hires.

Using texting is another way that recruiters can take advantage of mobile in their recruitment process. A text message allows a friendly, yet professional outreach message to be sent to candidates, and since 98 percent of text messages are opened, recruiters can feel fairly confident that candidates have received their messages.

That also means that text is a great way to send an interview reminder or request the candidate to confirm an interview. Recruiters can also send a quick “Thank you” to the candidate after an interview, send links to the company’s website, and follow up with a candidate on their hiring status.

It’s important to keep in mind that mobile communication should always be kept professional (it can be easy to forget when you’re texting someone in the middle of dinner or on a commute) and recruitment through text should only be done with candidates who have willingly opted in to your recruitment program.

And yet…

With all the benefits that mobile recruiting can bring to both candidates and recruiters, it is surprising to know that only eight percent of companies use mobile for recruiting purposes. Expect these numbers to rise in coming years with companies already plugged into the mobile recruiting process gaining a head start over the rest.

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Alexa Lemzy is the customer service manager and content editor at TextMagic, texting solution for businesses. She covers how businesses and employers can take advantage of mobile technology: Recruiting, communication, internal operations, marketing. Alexa shares plenty of interesting content on her Twitter.



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