Five HR Technology Questions to Ask Providers at SHRM 2015

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hiring is increasing month over month and unemployment is at its second lowest rate since May 2008.

In this increasingly tight labor market, employers are competing to hire the best candidates for their organizations; it is critical that human resources technology interacts meaningfully with employers and candidates alike to help secure the most qualified talent.

If you are evaluating new HR Tech providers at the upcoming SHRM event this June, be sure to keep your prospective employees in mind by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Does the technology enhance or hinder the candidate experience?

All too frequently, recruiters develop an employer-centric hiring experience instead of tailoring a favorable experience for the candidate, often unwittingly abetted by the technology vendor.

The technology you are using should not only help those within your company, but also support the audience that you are trying to reach. Good technology is a tool that brings together people with clear communication, making processes easier and more fluid.

2. Is the technology you are evaluating designed with a mobile-first posture?

Simply having a mobile responsive system may have been cutting edge in 2010 but is no longer sufficient in 2015.

Many candidates (both those actively and passively on the job hunt) search for jobs on their free time with their mobile devices. Having an easy to use and mobile friendly technology that supports your job board is not a luxury now, but really a necessity. Your company will be able to reach a larger audience if the technology you are using is available across various media.

3. Does the technology help extend your employment brand?

The Bureau Labor of Statistics reported that the number of job openings rose to 5.4 million at the end of April 2015; this is the highest since December 2000. Creating a stronger brand presence will allow your job positions to stand out among the ever-growing number of openings.

Candidates want to work for a company that they feel will match their values and aspirations, which can be demonstrated through technology that conveys the organization’s culture and employment brand.

4. How does the technology address the varying concerns of the Millennial and Generation Z workforce?

The Millennial and Generation Z workforce numbers now exceed those of any other age group. A huge attribute of this age group is the use and necessity of technology in their lives.

These generations also have different social standards than generations before. Understanding these values and applying them to your technology platform is crucial in attracting worthy talent that will fit the roles you are trying to fill.

5. Can your technology provide detailed analytics for continuous improvement of HR functions?

Since the needs of business and the job-market as a result are always evolving, having a good way to monitor current HR functions and performance against that market is a way your company can remain competitive, reactive and in the best cases proactive to the new needs of the market.

Detailed analytics, like those provided by your background screening platform, can provide insight into your talent acquisition processes that can add value to your organization’s focus on the candidate experience in this spirited job market.

For more information on enhancing the candidate experience, download the Candidate Experience Checklist.

Don’t forget to visit HireRight at booth #1806 June 28th through June 30th at SHRM 2015.

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