Festive cheer for employment markets

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There are definitely reasons to be cheerful as we enter the festive period.

The Office of National Statistics reported UK employment continuing to rise and unemployment continuing to fall in Q3 2014, maintaining the general direction of movement since early 2012.

Similar trends were reported by the KPMG REC Report on Jobs showing that permanent placements continued to rise in November, albeit at a slower rate than previous months.

Kelly Services also reported a growing jobs market in APAC, although there are variances in key markets. Improvements are expected in the short term in India and Australia, while China’s employment outlook is more challenging as the trajectory slows.

A seasonal dip in long-term rise in global discrepancy rates

Coinciding with the uptick in recruitment activity, HireRight saw a slight decline in the number of irregularities in pre-employment screening checks. Analysis of HireRight’s EMEA and APAC screening data for November 2014 found the number of applications containing at least one discrepancy to be at its lowest point this quarter, down 3% on October. It would appear that in a less competitive market candidates may not feel the same pressure to elaborate their CV in order to stand out from other candidates and secure a highly sought-after role.

Whilst this reprise from a trend that had been increasing month on month is very welcome, employers should remain cautious in their recruitment efforts as the discrepancy rate is still alarmingly high, with almost two thirds (59%) of applications containing a lie or inaccuracy.

Unfortunately, the dip is likely to be temporary as HireRight data shows discrepancy rates continue to rise year on year with rates for November 2014 9% higher than November 2013.

Education history continues to be particularly vulnerable to résumé lies or embellishments. 40% of these verifications undertaken in November 2014 contained an inconsistency between the information provided by the candidate and the results of our verification checks. Also susceptible to misrepresentation in November were employment history (36% of checks contained a discrepancy) and professional qualifications and memberships verifications (29% of checks contained a discrepancy).

All of these areas have seen a significant increase when compared with the same month in 2013, and the greatest rise was recorded in directorship checks where discrepancy rates (26%) increased by a staggering 84% when comparing November 2014 with the same month in 2013.

HireRight discrepancy statistics November 2014

HireRight warns companies to be mindful of the frequency of application lies and urges them to ensure a robust background screening program is in place to help hire the most appropriate candidates and combat internal fraud risks.



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